Science of making Sea water Drinkable

Including India there are many countries facing water crisis. There are many reasons for this like careless use of water, unawareness of collecting water etc. But we need water for everything, from basic domestic use to large industrial projects.

But the most important is that, we need water for Drinking.

There are some countries like Israel, use Sea water as Drinking water. But how ?

Let us find out basic Science behind  making Sea water Drinkable :

1. Water Intake : In this step the sea water is taken into the pipes with help of gravity. To protect fishes, the flowing speed is approximately 3 times slower than fish swim.

2. Pre-Treatments : At this stage, Initial filtration of sea water is done to separate impurities like sand, solid matters or even fish. 

3. Reverse Osmosis* : By the Reverse Osmosis water containing high amount of salt is now separated into Pure water ( not drinkable ) and salt portion.

4. Potablisation : In this stage before distributing the water to city, water is made

potable ( drinkable ) by mixing minerals in it and made safe for drinking as per the guide lines of WHO's water standards.

and finally the water is distributed to the people.

Reverse Osmosis* = Click Here To know what is Reverse Osmosis?