PWD Contractor Licence (Normal)

Who is Contractor?

Working as contractor in field of construction is one of the profitable business. India is developing country and for the fast development of infrastructure enhancement plays vital role. Contractor is directly working party on any government project like building construction, dam construction, road construction etc. Contractor not only deal with construction but also repair and maintenance of any project.
If somebody want to be contractor for government projects then, he/she/they must have Government Certified Contractor Licence.

Procedure for PWD Contractor's Licence Registration :

In India, PWD contractor registration process is online or offline. States like Maharashtra provides online process for PWD contractor registration. So here I suggest you to visit nearby PWD office to find out the mode of  PWD contractor registration process i.e. online or offline. No matter, process online or offline. Important factor is list of documents you need for PWD contractor registration.

Following are the documents need to submit for PWD Contractor Registration :

  • Solvency Certificates.
  • Affidavit of Sole Proprietor.
  • CA Certificate for last 3 year.
  • Work Certificate for all works done during last 3 years.
  • Undertaking (in case of application for class - I to class - V)
  • Copies of photos of all the partners / directors / individual.
  • Sales Tax (VAT) Number or G.S.T. Number.
  • List of Machineries, tools, plants and vehicles issued by R.T.O.
  • Copy of PTR/PTE (for class 1 to 5).
  • Previous PWD Certificate / other department certificate (if any).
Note: List of document may vary with states. So, I suggest you to visit nearby PWD office to get document list for your division.

Maharashtra State Example for PWD Contractor's Licence Registration :


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