Madhya Pradesh Nagar Nigam Engineer License Registration

Municipality and Municipal Corporation are one the basic structure of administration in Indian Government system. There are many important issues like permission of building construction and developments are deal by Municipality. No person shall carry out any development work including development of land by laying out into suitable plots or development of any land as group housing scheme or to erect, re-erect or make alterations or demolish any building or cause the same to be done without first obtaining a separate building permit / commencement certificate for each such development work / building from the Planning Authority. To ensure the technical standard related with building construction, safety, construction completion; Municipality need Civil Engineers.

Madhya Pradesh Nagar Nigam (Municipality and Municipal Corporation) Engineer License Registration:

In Madhya Pradesh, there may be online or offline method for Building Permission. If your authority has offline method for Building permission, then for Registration of Engineer / Architect / Structural Engineer and Supervisor you need to follow the procedure explained in following video.

In case your authority is providing online services for building permission, then you need to submit registration documents at official website. For example, official website of Bhopal Municipal Corporation:

Basic Documents for Registration:

  • Certificate of Degree / Diploma of Civil Engineering or respective qualification.
  • Experience certificate (if require).
  • Identity Proof Ex. Aadhar Card.
  • AutoDCR Form (Click Here To Download)

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