Career Sequence for Civil Engineers

Quick Tips:- Career Sequence for Civil Engineers:


Government Jobs:

  • Government job is the best choice, if you have time to prepare for it.

Private Jobs:

  • Private job (working for other) is the best choice, if you don't have patience for government and self business.
Self business (consultancy and/or contractor) is the best option, if you have patience, minimum survival (financial) support.

Sequence of career choice for anybody should be:

  1. Try for government job (min 2-3 yrs)
  2. If failed, invest your time in private sector (working for other) for experience. Once you achieve the financial stability; move on.
  3. With all knowledge, experience try your own business. But remember, patience is the mandatory factor.
I hope these quick tips will help you (which is practical)

Best of luck 😇


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