Retired Engineer Contractor Registration

In Maharashtra, for Civil Engineers retirement marks not the end but a new beginning. Retired Civil Engineer Contractor Registration offers a unique opportunity for seasoned professionals to continue sharing their expertise. This article is your guide to understanding the importance, process, and benefits of obtaining this registration.

Step 1: Read the GR about Retired Engineer Contractor Registration

Step 2: List of Documents for Retired Engineer Contractor Registration:

  • Your Photo,
  • Solvency Certificate for an appreciate amount (if is valid for one year only from the date of submission of proposal) from Scheduled Bank or Revenue Department,
  • CA Certificate for last 3 years audit balance sheet and profit loss statement,
  • Retirement Documents: a) Government order, B) Relieving Order, C) Pension Document given by A.G.,
  • Undertaking (in case of application for class I to class V) for employment of Unemployed qualified engineers domiciled in Maharashtra State who have Passed their Diploma or Degree in Civil Engineering (on Rs. 100/- Stamp Paper - Click Here to Download Sample),
  • Affidavit stating that contractor is not blacklisted in any other Government or Semi-Government Organization,
  • Details for Machineries (if any),
  • Copy of PTR / PTE (for class I to V) With Clearance Certificate which is enclosed with proposal.

Step 3: Apply for Retired Engineer Contractor Registration:

Note: Please be aware that information may change over time, so it's important to stay updated and verify the latest details from you PWD Division.

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