Auto DCR ( Development Control Rules )

AutoDCR is an unique and innovative solution provided by Softtech for automation of Building Plan Approval, reading CAD drawings and mapping them to development control regulations of the local bodies.

It is an excellent technology(First and Only of its kind in India) Built by SoftTech for e-Governance of Municipal corporations and approving authorities. This has cut the approval process to few days to save the time.

Advantages of AutoDCR :

  • AutoDCR Scrutiny of Drawings is time saving and chances of omission of checks are very less.

  • This also helps to prevent illegal constructions, creating difficulties to the society at large.

  • Lack of consistency in approval process. Intepretation variance by different officers in the same approving authorities. But this issue is not occur in AutoDCR.

  • Prevent the Corrupt practices as there is a system to bring transparency.
  • Directly and indirectly help society to develop in proper manner.
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