Registration of firm with CIDCO

Registration of firm with CIDCO (civil and electrical work)

About C.I.D.C.O.:

City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd.(C.I.D.C.O.) is a company wholly owned by the Govt. Of Maharashtra and was incorporated on 17th March 1970. CIDCO is India’s Premiere Town Planning Agency.

Registration of firm (Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering) with CIDCO:

Contractor need to register their firm with CIDCO for CIDCO work.

Click Here To Download Application for Eletrical Works

Click Here To Download Application for Civil Works

Every applicant should submit application with ATTESTED copies of following enclosure documents in the order given below:

1. Application form.

2. Proprietorship/Partnership/Private Limited Co./An attested copy of
affidavit/partnership deed/articles and memorandum of association.

3. Attested photographs of Proprietors/Partners/Directors/Chairmen.

4. Latest Bank solvency certificate with Bank Seal from Nationalized/Scheduled
Bank (Annexur-III).

5. Latest Income Tax Clearance Certificate.

6. Registration certificates with various departments, if any.

7. Technical staff details with qualification certificates.

8. List of machinery alongwith the evidential papers of the machinery.

9. Details of work executed (as per Annexure-I) and certificates (as per
Annexure-III) during the last three years and current year.

10. Any other enclosure.

11. List of movable/immovable property.

12. Addresses of all partners/directors/chairmen.

13. Balance sheet for the last three years and copy of certificate from C.A.
regarding authorized and paid up capital of the firm.

14. Undertaking (in case of application for Class-A and B) for employment of
three unemployed engineers who have passed from the State of Maharashtra
from 1967 onwards ((as per Annexure-VI).

15. Contractors seeking registration in Class-B and above are required to submit
additional information regarding Quality Assurance System as per enclosed
format (as per Annexure-V).

16. Registration of the office in the State of Maharashtra.

17. Sales Tax Registration Certificate in Form II, Rule 4(1) as provided by
Maharashtra State Sales Tax Act (Maharashtra Act No. XXVI of 1989) and
Cess Tax.

18. The Electric License of the firm.

19. Those who are applying to Class-A to Class-C in Electrical shall employ
qualified engineers in domiciled in Maharashtra who has passed their
diploma/degree in engineering within a period of 3 months from their
registration. And produce the proof of appointment by way of valid
Professional Tax Registration Certificate in the form PT/R/____________
under section (1) of 5 of Maharashtra State Tax on Profession, Trade, calling
and Employment Act 1975, Rule 3(2) for employees including technical personnel from the Professional Tax Officer of concerned Districts in

20. The contractors applying in class A & B Civil shall furnish the additional

information (as per Annexure-VIII).

Reference: Official Website Of C.I.D.C.O.

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