Labour Contractor License Registration

Labour Contractor License Registration:

Each country is busy in building infrastructures, road, bridges, electrical works, mechanical works and other development works. Not only fund but also the labour plays very important role to complete any work like construction of building, bridges, erection of electrical poles, mechanical task etc.

Now for the various works there is need of workers/labours. But it is difficult to manage various types of labours at single working site. There are many issues like quality of work, skills of labours, payment to labours etc. To solve these issues and providing the best quality of labours (as per requirement) to achieve the best results, Government provides ‘Labour Contractor License’.

Who is the Labour Contractor:

Labour Contractor is a person who provides various types of labours as per the requirements. In other words labour contractor is responsible for the all issues related with labours for ex. Payment to the labours. Labour Contractor plays intermediate role between owner/customer and labours. Labour Contractor is also responsible for the quality work done by his/her labours. Labour Contractorship is one of the best career to earn money by just handling the labours and owner/customer requirements.

Labour Contractor License Registration:

labour contractor license

If any person engaging labours team then, he/she can apply for labour contractor license.

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