Registration of Valuer as Civil Engineer

Valuer as Civil Engineer:

For Civil Engineers, there is one more career option and that is as a Property Valuation or Real Estate Valuation engineer. After completing the education i.e. Diploma or Degree in Civil Engineering you can start your own office to manage the works of valuations of various real estate properties for private sector or government sector also. For this registration the minimum qualification prescribed under section 34 AB (Rule 8 A) of the Wealth Tax Act 1957. 

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Stages in Valuer Registration:

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Works Of Registered Valuer:

Civil engineers have a good career as a property valuation or real estate valuation engineer at banking companies like ICICI, HDFC and other.

Following Are The Type Of Work Valuer Generally Do:

- Work on and manage engagements on real estate advisory, valuation and due diligence, spread across property types.

- Engagements include financial analyses, cash flow modeling, analytical model reviews, property/portfolio modeling, loan portfolio underwriting, market due diligence, asset valuations, real estate appraisals and appraisal reviews, and other general real estate advisory services.

- Specific engagement responsibilities will include financial and cash flow modeling, market information research, real estate documents analysis (including site/building plans, leases, appraisals, and mortgage underwriting/lending documents), market studies, and report writing.

- Maintain and develop positive, productive, and professional relationships with client, bank and government authorities.

Books For Estimating and Costing:

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