Building Permission Procedure In India

Civilization is one of the greatest output of human history. Still we are growing, still we are building houses, roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and other infrastructures. But to avoid congested township, to provide each structure and it's user a proper ventilation, sufficient light and most important safety; proper planning and control over construction of any type of building and structure is important. This is why building permission is directly or indirectly is necessary for all. Building permission is also needed as legal document for home loans, selling the property, buying property etc. Let's see how to get building permission.

Procedure of Building Permission:

  1. Prepare your building permission file from registered engineer/architect/structural engineer/supervisor. (click here to know how to get registration)
  2. Your engineer will submit submission drawing (download standard submission drawing) and require documents (download document list) to respective authority.
  3. You need to pay scrutiny charge.
  4. Respective authority officer(s) will check all documents and particular submission drawing with respect to the D.C.R. (Development Control Rules) for respective authority.
  5. If everything is as per D.C.R. then, officer will forward your case to higher officer. Otherwise, with notice of queries or corrections, authority will return the file or case to your engineer.
  6. Once your case of building permission is forwarded to higher authority, they will check it with respect to D.C.R. If they find any correction they will return your case of building permission to your engineer or directly reject the building permission proposal (if it is against D.C.R. even after several corrections)
  7. If your proposal of building permission is approved by respective authorities, then you need to pay development charges.
  8. Finally, collect your building permission certificate and sanctioned submission drawing from respective authority or engineer. (Download Sanctioned Building Permission Sample).

Note: Procedure of building permission may be online or offline.

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