Online Business Ideas for Civil Engineers in 2019

Civil Engineering as a Online Business:

Civil engineering is one of the finest branch of engineering. If you are a civil engineer then, there are various sectors in real life where you work as employee or as an owner. Various governments jobs are also available for civil engineers. Similarly, civil engineering is also one of the engineering branch that, provides you various skill to sell services and products not only offline but also online. As a civil engineer, you just need to analyse the perfect service or product. Once you decide what you can sell then, online market is open for you.

Online Business Ideas for Civil Engineers:

A civil engineer can provide online civil engineering services or / and civil engineering products to his or her online clients. You can start you online business as a single person. But it is much better to work in a professional team. Legal documentation may not be needed at initial phase, but business growth is indirectly affected by your legal status. So remember that, at some stage of online business; you need to make your startup as legal firm or company.

Now let's discus about what are the Online Business (Services) for Civil Engineers in 2019:

  • Residential, Commercial, Mix Type 2D Planning Drawing (Coloured or Black and White).

  • Interior 3D Drawings.

  • Exterior 3D Drawings.

  • Billing and Estimation Works.

  • Valuation Works.

  • R.C.C. i.e. Structural Drawings.

  • Submission Drawings for Approvals.

  • Write A Book, Notes.

Now let's talk about Online Business (Products) for Civil Engineers in 2019:

As a civil engineer there is no limit to selling products online. You can sell anything that can be use as a construction material or for manufacturing construction material. For example: bricks, doors, cement bags, precast sections, furniture, automatically opening gates... list is endless. But, as compare to service sector you need to invest more time, fund and energy into the production sector. So, it's depends on your choice.
online business civil engineer

Where Civil Engineer should sell online services or / and products:

If you are going to sell your civil engineering services then, you should go with Upwork, Fiver, Freelance, Guru, PeoplePerHour, Giggrabbers, Indiamart, Justdial etc. On other hand you can sell your books, notes at platforms like Amazon KindleGoogle Play and if you are willing to sell your products then, Indiamart is the best option (in my opinion). If your product or service is unique then you can launch your own website. So the online market is waiting for you. You don't need to worry about where to sell; it's all about "what and how to sell?" Best of luck friends.

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