Good Habits and Hobbies for a Civil Engineer

Habits, Hobbies and a Civil Engineer:

Every person has his/her own habits and hobbies. Unknowingly these habits and hobbies create some positive and negative impact on his/her life. These habits and hobbies also plays vital role in growth or loss at professional life. As a civil engineer, one should be very particular with his/her acts. In this article, we will study some good habits and hobbies for a civil engineer. With my own experience I will assure you that, these good habits and hobbies for a civil engineer will boost your professional success.

Good Habits and Hobbies for a Civil Engineer:

  • Planing a Day:

In simple words, answering a single question: What I need to do today? So, how can you do it?
Answer is very simple and easy. Just take a pen and notebook or download a Mobile Application like: To Do List and write each and every important work you need to do today.

How Planing a Day affects Civil Engineer?

Planing a day will provides you a clear idea about how to manage your time.

  • Accounting:

At the end of the day or a week, you should write down all of your transactions i.e. income and expenses. Personally, I will suggest you to note down these transactions in excel sheet or a simple notebook, instead of any mobile application.

How Accounting affects Civil Engineer?

Accounting will give you a clear financial picture of how much you are growing, saving. This report will be helpful you to change your steps as per situations.

  • Watching Civil Engineering Documentaries:

As a professional civil engineer one should always collect field related old and new information. At least once in a month, a civil engineer should watch a documentary like National Geographic Mega-structures.

How Watching Documentary affects Civil Engineer?

Watching documentary will improve your professional thinking, introduction and updates of new ideas. These thinking and idea may change you professional life.

  • Learning New Skills:

As a civil engineer there are so many sectors where you can grow you business. But, the first requirement is specific skill. For Ex. If you want to be a structural engineer. Then you must be expert in softwares like ETABS or staad pro.

How Learning New Skills affects Civil Engineer?

A very simple answer: More you learn; more you earn.

  • Reading:

I know,  you will say that, reading book is boring stuff. But the fact is that, most of the successful authors, directors, engineers, actors or any professional person read books. Here, I am not only talking about professional books like building constructions, building drawings, estimate and valuations but also books like Rich Dad Poor Dad.

How Reading affects Civil Engineer?

No matter how much Youtube videos, documentaries you watch; reading book is much more effective. Because, most of the time successful movie, idea, concept is based on a book. So, reading book will improve your thinking, creativity, new ideas, clear basic concepts.

  • Experiments with your Choices (Movies, Books, Youtube Videos, Web series)

What makes us what we are? our social environment i.e. family, friends, movies we watch, books we read, youtube videos we watch, web series we watch and so on. Now obviously, you just can't change you family and friends, but you can experiment with your choices like movies, books etc. For example, Don't you think watching same kind of movie (love story, comedy) is a waste of time. Instead of that, try another movie with new concepts like adventure, science fiction, real life story based movie. Just experiment with you choices.

How Experiments with Choices affects Civil Engineer?

When you start experiments with your choices, basically you are experimenting with you brain. Your brain will get inspire to think creatively, your brain will break old thinking and create new concepts about life. And that's what a successful civil engineer want: a creativity, an idea which may change your life.

  • Note down:

Sometimes your mind gives you a great thought or idea, which may change your career or life. But, you just forget it after few days or hours. That's where you are making mistake. Whenever your mind gives you a idea or thought, just note down it.

How Note down affects Civil Engineer?

There is no need to say that, every successful business is based on an idea or a thought. So, if you don't have an idea or a thought, how can you grab success? and that's what this habit gives you: path of success.

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