What is Contractor Business?

What is Contract?

As a civil engineer, contract is written agreement between civil engineer and an individual/Government Department/ Private Firms to provide an engineering services like, construction of structure, technical consultancy.

Who is Registered Contractor?

A person or firm who is legally allowed to apply for specific kind of contract is/are called as Registered Contractor.

How to become a Registered Contractor?

The easiest way to enroll yourself as a registered contractor is to visit a official department (like PWD, ZP) where you want to work as a registered contractor. Please check following videos to learn more about: How to become a Registered Contractor?
Age limit for a Registered Contractor

How Contractor get payment?

Payment of mode and method will be provided in tender documents. But, inshort contractor get paid mainly by stage wise method. For ex. For work of construction of building, contractor will be paid at various successful completion of construction stages like, Plinth, Lintel, Slab, Finishing etc. (Note: this is just an example) For more details please read tender documents.
In case of government department, contractor should verify all tender documents like, estimates, working drawings, terms and conditions. One more important term one should check is the availability of fund at government department. Just take look at following official notice by Maharashtra PWD about lack of fund availability.
Official notice by Maharashtra PWD about lack of fund availability

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