Why and How To link Aadhaar with Mobile Numbers ?

Aadhaar Card is one of the basic ID proof in India. On other hand India is world's 2nd country to be largest market for cell phones or mobiles. So Indian Government decided to link the Aadhaar Card with all active Sim cards i.e. Mobile numbers. Indian Government taking this step to tract the dangerous activities like, cyber crime, terrorist activities etc.

As per the recent government directive, all the existing customers have to link Aadhaar with their mobile numbers. You need to visit the nearest Sim Card Store/Retailer of respective sim cards with your Aadhaar number and complete this process.

https://uidai.gov.in -: Please get your Aadhaar card made at the earliest.

In case you don’t complete the process before Feb 2018, services on your mobile will be disconnected as per the directive from Government of India.

How To link Aadhaar with mobile numbers :

All you need is your Aadhaar card/number and your mobile. You will be required to complete Biometric verification. You will also receive the verification code (OTP) on your mobile that would be required to complete the process.


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