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Firstly, thank you so much for your support and love to my YouTubeChannel: Suraj Laghe ( After reading your comments, I've found some common questions. So, I've decided to answer them in simple and easy manner.

Following are some questions. To get their answer, you just need to click on specific question. If still you’re facing problems related to our topics, you can comment it on our YouTube Channel (SURAJLAGHE). Thank you!!

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  1. How to DOWNLOAD: Suraj Laghe Android App and How to use it?
  2. How many youtube channels you have? Answer: I have three professional youtube channels: Er Suraj Laghe (Hindi), Abhiyanta Suraj Laghe (Marathi) and Civil Engineer Suraj Laghe (English).
  3. How to get General or Normal P.W.D. Licence?
  4. How to get P.W.D. Licence in Uttar Pradesh?
  5. How to become government valuer?
  6. Get Basic Information Manual Book for "Registration of Valuer"
  7. How to get Nagarpalika Licence for Civil Engineer,Architect, and Supervisor?
  8. Learn Basic about e Tender system.
  9. How to get Labour Contractor Licence?
  10. What are the documents require for Labour Contractor Licence?
  11. Sir, Can I work with you? (Watch Video @ 59:59)
  12. I am willing to get Unemployed Engineer licence. can i get while i am working (Private or Government Job)? or shall i need to quit the job?
  13. How much total it costs for registration? including KYC, GST etc? Answer: Min. Rs 23,000/-
  14. What are the classes of registration? which class is suitable for me? Answer: Class VI is provided for unemployed engineer P.W.D. contractor licence. With state these class may vary. For each class there is specific eligibility criteria. As per the criteria you have to apply for specific class of contractor.
  15. What are the limits of the different classes? Answer: As this information may vary with department and state, please visit nearby PWD or related department.
  16. How to Draw a Submission Drawing for Building Permission?
  17. What is standard format of Estimate?
  18. Download Building Bye Laws.
  19. Which papers required for demolition of old building?
  20. Is there any particular rule for unemployed engineer license holder to fill only selected tender? or we can go for any tender of government work under 15lakh?Answer: If you have all require tender documents for specific work, then you can apply for that tender. Otherwise you have to apply only for small works. (click here to know about various tender documents)
  21. How to surrender/terminate PWD or ZP licence? Answer: Visit same division office and respective officer will help you to terminate licence.
  22. How to convert (upgrade) these license to the general contractor? Answer: You just can't convert any licence to other. But, you can upgrade to higher licence. Note: this is possible if you are eligible for up-gradation.
  23. Time and Investment in contractor career: "sir mein ssc exam ki tayari kr rha hu aur sath mein kuch students ko padhata hu kya mujhe contract basis pr kaam krna chahiye ya nahi? waise tution se mein apna खर्चा nikal leta hu. kya contract pr kaam krne se mujhe padhne ka samay mil payega? please reply sir."  Answer: let me clear every thing. as per your qualification, you can apply for #normalcontractor licence. sir contractor career main min investment teen se panch lakh ki hoti hai. agar ye aap kar skte ho aur aap par kisi tarha ka aarthik dabav nahi ayega to; you can do it. lekin apko time nahi milega. aap on site work or billing ke kam main busy rahoge. dekhiye main apko demoralize nahi kar rahahu. main bas hakikat bata raha hu. now it's upto you how to take the situation. main personally salah deta hu ki aap ek financial stability milne ke bad is career main enter kijiye. best of luck.
  24. Want to become registered valuer. I am trying to get IBBI. How can get it? Answer: Please contact with Registered Valuer Organisations (RVOs). RVOs are technical institutes certified or verified by Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI). As per the section 34 AB (Rule 8 A) of the Wealth Tax Act 1957 it is mandatory to enroll yourself at Registered Valuer Organisations (RVOs) to get Certification of Valid Valuer in India (i.e. Valuer Registration).
  25. Do you Play PUBG? Answer: Yes, I do. Not only PUBG but also other PC games and you can also play with me: THE FRAGGER (my gaming name and gaming youtube channel)
  26. Which is the Best 3D Software for Civil Engineer?
  27. What is PWD, ZP fund?
  28. Can I Study or Work After Nagar Palika, MahaNagar Palika Engineer Licence?
  29. What is Lottery System for Zilha Parishad
  30. What are the uses of Nagar Palika or Maha Nagar Palika Licence?
  31. How to get Contractor Licence for Private Works?
  32. Is there any risk in Contractor's Business?
  33. Can I Prepare Submission Drawing or Permission Drawing without any Registration?
  34. I have paid the amount for XYZ file at your SURAJ LAGHE online store, but not got the require file. What to do? Answer: Don't worry if you paid the amount, then DOWNLOAD LINK is sent to your "Provided Email ID". Just check you email, you will get it.
  35. Can Backlog Students apply for PWD, ZP Licence Registration?
  36. How unemployed engineer can get work done report for tenders? Answer: for that you have to work for few unemployed engineer works, directly meet PWD engineer (who have power to handover works) and this work done can be use for other works.
  37. Is GST and Firm registration for civil engineer is mandatory? Answer: from my experience, here I will suggest you to dnt hurry for GST registration unless it is necessary. and at initial stage you dnt need registered firm for your business. in this situation you can apply for any scheme for unemployed engineer. but once you got GST then legally it's difficult to prove that, you are unemployed. so final conclusion: dnt hurry for GST and firm registration. For more detail please watch this video: Watch GST and Firm registration Video
  38. Sir, I have completed my Diploma / Degree. How can I get a job and in which company? Answer:  Which company? You have to find answer yourself. But, I'll suggest that prepare yourself for civil engineering job. Firstly complete software skills' courses like AutoCad, 3DsMAX, Revit etc then professional skills' courses like Interior designing, valuation, estimation, Design Structures etc. This will increase the probability of getting job. Best of luck. 😇


  1. Which papers required for demolition of old building in Nagar parishad in mahaMaharas,? If a plot is having problems card then is gunthevari certificate required for demolish? Give your mobile contact to discuss sir

    1. download the format of request letter for demolition of structure.

  2. sir i have done my be in 2014 and i want to become a register valuer so which type of experience i need to can it will be as valuation related or construction, design related experience is sufficient and what is fiv (fellowship in valuation) and how can i get it please reply me
    and what is a charted engineer and what is the procedure for become a charted engineer and which institution give the degree

  3. to get solvency certificate from bank? what are the documents required?
    2.if not selected in bidding how can i get my EMD back?
    And thank you so much for inspiring, God Bless you dear..

  4. Dear Sir, I done Civil engineering diploma in 2013 and also done draftsman Civil in 2006
    I have experience in India, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait..
    My question is can I get valuer licence from any bank..