4000 Watchtime and 1000 Subscribers New Youtube Monetization Policy Update

Another new YouTube Monetization Policy update is announced by YouTube (@16th January 2018). According to new monetization policy, now eligibility for YouTube Monetization is 4000 hours of watchtime and 1000 subscribers both within one year.

Let’s make this calculation simple, Approximately 11.11 hours per day or 666.6 min per day.
I want to explain that, this is not so much tough. Because, above calculations says that:

You just need daily min 667 viewers who will watch your video for at lest 1 minute. And now let’s talk about subscribers. There is no difficulty to gain 1000 subscribers within 1 year. Because, if your video content is interesting and useful, then subscribers will grow automatically.

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how to gain 4k hours watchtime on youtube

Following are some tips for New and Old YouTube Creators:

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