Building Construction and Supervision Business

Career in Building Construction and Supervision Business

What is Supervision work?

In terms for building construction or civil engineering works, supervision is the skillful technical process to execute the construction of required structure as per technical planning with safety and economy.


Who is your client?

A person who wants to construct any building or structure.

How much you can earn?

If you are working for other’s firm or company then, your salary may vary between Rs. 8,000/- to Rs. 20,000/- only. While if you are directly dealing with client then, depending on your skills and experience you can charge your client minimum 3% of total project cost or construction cost. Note that, payment may also vary with method of supervision i.e. planning supervision, basic supervision and full supervision.

Do I need any Registration for Building Construction and Supervision Business?

Yes, you need to register as a technical person (supervisor, civil engineer, architect, structural engineer) at you authority i.e. Municipal Council, Municipal Corporation etc. for more information please click here: How to get Civil Engineer Licence for Municipality or watch following video.

Technical Licence from Authority

Qualification and Experience for Building Construction and Supervision Business:

For registration purpose you must have at least diploma in Civil Engineering. Also experience plays vital role in building construction and supervision business. So, you must have at least one year of site engineer or supervisor experience.

Skills require for Building Construction and Supervision Business:

  1. At least basic knowledge of each civil engineering subject.
  2. Business communication skill for clients.
  3. Technical communication skill for works.
  4. Leadership to execute require work.
  5. Team working to ensure the proper planing of project.
  6. Time management to complete the project before decided time limit.
  7. Market study to ensure the economy of project.
  8. Multitasking to speed up the project.

Methods for Building Construction and Supervision Business:

A)  Planning Supervision

B)  Basic Supervision

C) Complete Supervision

Let us discuss each of above methods in detail.

A. Planning Supervision:

Here you have to just provide basic details of client's project. These basic works are as follow:

  1. 2D Plan
  2. 3D Plan (with or without dimensions)
  3. Project Estimate
  4. Structural Consultancy (with site visit only)
  5. Layout work on site (with site visit only)
In this method you need to do all works from your office and for short time you need to visit site (if require). Here you should charge for each work. This method is best for freshers.

B. Basic Supervision:

In this method you have to execute each work given in planning supervision method. Now your responsibility is to visit site at various stages to ensure that, work is in process as per your given planning. For this method, you can charge your client for each work along with site visit charges.

D. Complete Supervision:

Complete supervision is the most time consuming method of supervision. So, here you must charge your client with minimum 7% to 10% of  total construction cost. While adopting this method, you must set a legal contract with your client. This contract should includes details of  stages of payments, services that you are providing to client, time limit for project and all details regarding the projects. In full supervision method, you have to handle each and every stage of construction i.e. planning, work execution, material inspection, labour payments, final finishing and all.

My Personal Opinion:

As a fresher if you have two or more years of office work experience, then you must start your career with Basic Supervision. This will provides you practical knowledge of civil engineering field with less investment and high returns. Best for luck friends. Thank you.

Books for Building Construction and Supervision Business: