How to Study RCC Reinforced Cement Concrete?

 Step 1 - Study the Foundation:

To study Reinforced Cement Concrete, you should start with learning basics of foundations. To study foundation properly, I will suggest to read following book: Soil Mechanics and Foundations by B.C. Punmia. Or Click Here to Check more books.

Step 2 – Study Cement and Concrete:

Cement and Concrete are inherent part of Reinforced Cement Concrete subject. So, I highly recommend to study it thoroughly. I will suggest to read following book: Concrete Technology: Theory and Practice by  M.L. Gambhir.

Step 3 – Study Basics of R.C.C.:

After following above steps, now you are ready to understand the basic knowledge of R.C.C. and now you should read following books:


Step 4 – Study IS Code 456:

IS 456-2000 Plain and Reinforced Concrete - Code of Practice is an Indian Standard code of practice for general structural use of plain and reinforced concrete. For the practical implementation of R.C.C. IS 456 -2000 is mandatory IS code for R.C.C. designers. Download PDF of IS 456 -2000 now.


Step 5 – Practice:

Theoretically now you are ready to start practical implementation of R.C.C. but practice is the only way to study and learn more about R.C.C. So now keep practicing, which means start your R.C.C. design works.


Step 6 – Learn Software:

To save time it is very important to learn software like ETABS, STAAD Pro. But note that, software will provided output of your input data. So, it is really important to be perfect in manual R.C.C. design. Best of luck.


Step 7 – Registration as a RCC Designer:

You need to apply for R.C.C. Designer at your municipal council or corporation. Click here to know more: Registration Process for R.C.C. Designer (Note you need to select or write application for STRUCTURAL ENGINEER instead of only ENGINEER)

Also Download:

Career & Future of Structural Engineer by Er Suraj Laghe

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