Blogging and Youtube Career for Engineers

What is Blogging and Youtube Career for Engineers?

As an engineering student for college project, we used to search study materials. Did you ever ask yourself: how google or any search engine provided or providing require information? Who did provided that information ? is it created by search engine itself ? Answer is: No. Actually all information you are getting from any search engine was written or uploaded by someone. For example: when you search information about PWD registration at any search engine or youtube, you will get videos and article related with PWD registration; which was uploaded by me (Er. Suraj Laghe) and other people. And for these article and videos I get paid by Google AdSense. So, as an engineer we have the great opportunities at blogging as blogger and at youtube as content creator.


Blogging or Youtube?

With my experience, I will suggest to start with blogging and then combine it with youtube. Reason is very simple. As a blogger you just need to write article or post and publish it. While as youtube content creator you have to record video, edit video and upload video. Basically, as youtube content creator you have to do many tasks for a single video and this is not easy for beginner. Another important factor is that, as a blogger you don't need to worry about your voice, identity as you just need to focus on writing skills. And when you start as blogger, you got knowledge and confidence about your topic or article. This knowledge and confidence will be helpful as youtube content creator.

How much Blogger and Youtube Content Creator Earn?

To be frank, earning of blogger or youtube content creator is depend on various factors like, audience, type of content, quality of presentation. So, the earning may vary with blogger or youtube content creator. And the fact is that, no one will perfectly predict the earning. So, should we try this career or not? Yes, we should go for this career. Because, if you work as a part time blogger or youtube content creator; it will enhance your skills like thinking, writing, communication, observation. Personally I will suggest that, don't be a full time blogger or youtube content creator. It is better to be work as part time and focus on your full time (less risky) job or business. Remember, less you think about earning more will be quality of your content. That's what people want: quality.

How should I start Blogging or Youtube career?

As I explained, my first suggestion will be: Don't be greedy for money and focus on you work i.e. blog writing or youtube video creation. Then, decide your niche i.e. topic. Now this may be the difficult one for us. But don't worry. At initial level, search various topic on internet. If you find any of your search are not getting proper or less search result; that's your niche. Because, it is meaningless to work on a topic which is already on internet. So, try something new which is important but currently not over internet. Once you get your niche, keep consistency at blog writing or video creation. Remember that, in blogging and youtube career consistency, quality and quantity of content is key of success. Now the final stage: once you get consistency and quality at blog writing or video creation, apply for Google AdSense monetization. Under the community guidelines of google you can also apply for other advertisers for products and services promotion. For example: affiliate marketing of Amazon, Flipkart, Indestructible shoes etc. and here we go,your passive income sources are ready. 

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